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The Eurodia group

Eurodia operates on five continents. Our mission is to supply process solutions geared to the specific requirements of each industry, application, and market. Our strength: we offer customized turnkey solutions.



Key to meeting this mission is the group's US subsidiaries Ameridia, and EEDB respectively located in Napa, California, United States and Sao Paulo, Brazil and its offices in Krasnodar, Russia : Eurodia Kuban. In addition to these resources, Eurodia bases its commercial development policy on close-knit and successful collaborations with respected engineering firms in China, South America, and with an extensive network of partners around the world.

Real technological expertise, fast response times and an international network: the capabilities of Eurodia have already won the trust of numerous firms around the world, and earned the group its position as the reference supplier in the dairy, sugar, wine, industries of the energy and biological transition and water reuse (desalination for irrigation)..


Oenodia, the Eurodia wine division, was spun off from the development of an innovative solution for the tartaric stabilization of wine in collaboration with France's agronomic research institute INRAE. This activity began with Eurodia founder Bernard Gillery's interest in developing a range of exclusive, innovative and highly effective solutions tailored to the winemaking world. Oenodia and its eco-processes guarantee quality treatments without any additives: eco-selective tartaric stabilization by electrodialysis, tangential filtration as well as membrane-based pH and alcohol adjustment.






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