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Green chemicals

The challenges of sustainable chemistry are a major focus for Eurodia. Capitalizing on 25 years of applied R&D and on many successful industrial projects around the world, Eurodia has now created Chemistria, a division focusing specifically on green chemistry.

For a long time, green chemistry has been handicapped by pollution-generating and low-yielding production processes. This is no longer the case, thanks to the technologies developed by Chemistria for the production of organic acids (lactic, succinic, gluconic, acetic, etc.) of very high purity. Using a combination of electrodialysis, membrane filtration, ion exchange, chromatography, and crystallization, these processes have already proven their efficacy at an industrial scale for the production of molecular building blocks. A number of Chemistria plants have been operating for several years, in the four corners of the globe. What advantages do they have to offer?

  • Reliable, customized treatment for each plant, tailored specifically to its operations and provide an effective response to its qualitative and quantitative objectives,

  • Competitive manufacturing costs: energy efficiency is a never-ending goal for all Chemistria's eco-processes,

  • Minimal environmental impact, with little or low-concentration effluents.