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Responsible innovation

Today’s consumers and formulators demand healthier and more natural products, and manufacturing processes must be have perfect traceability: through inspection and control of raw materials and chemical ingredients, and by implementing technologies designed to preserve the nutritional and sensory qualities of the finished product.

The processes supplied by Eurodia fully meet the new requirements of the agro-food industry, especially in the cheese, sugar and wine businesses:

  • For the recovery of cheese by-products (whey), by working under optimal pH and temperature conditions to preserve the proteins properties and guarantee impeccable microbiological quality,

  • For the decolorization of cane and beet sugar through a combination of chromatography, nanofiltration, and multiple-effect evaporators to significantly reduce the generation of effluents,

  • For tartaric stabilization and pH adjustment of wines using purely extractive techniques (electrodialysis), contrasting with techniques relying on wine additives.

From its beginnings, Eurodia has always been mindful of the environmental impact of its technologies. This is why the objectives of innovation at Eurodia are to reconcile technical advances with cost-control, as well as optimized water and energy consumption. On top of their industrial efficiency, membrane-based extractive and separation techniques stand out in terms of their environmental performance (controlled energy consumption, recovery and recycling of by-products, waste reduction and treatment, etc.) and thus mesh perfectly with the sustainable development objectives of the 21st Century.