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Eurodia has established a number of partnerships with some of the world's most respected universities and research centers. These alliances of research and skills have enabled Eurodia to develop and patent innovative processes combining different purification and separation technologies.

  cirad Centre de Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement - France (Montpellier)
Collaborative technical work on membrane separation by osmotic evaporation (liquid foodstuffs).
  Extractis - France
JAgro-Industrial Technical Institute & service provider specialized in plant biomass extraction, fractionation and in innovative processes development. Collaborative technical works on membrane separation.
  china ECUST East China University of Science and Technology - China
  INRAE: L’Institut National de la Recherche pour l’Agriculture, l’Alimentation et l’Environnement - France
Partnership for process development (tartaric stabilization of wine).
  krasnodar Kuban University - Russia
Fundamental Research.
  laval Laval University - Canada
Research projects on the extraction/purification of neutraceuticals.


  cfm The aim of the CFM Cluster is to encourage the use of membranes and membrane-based processes, dialogue between academics and industrialists in the membrane and membrane-based processes community, training and communication relating to R&D in these fields, and any initiative seeking to promote the use of membranes in industry.
  chimie du vegetal The ACDV was set up to bring together the key economic players in the agro-industries, chemicals and their downstream industrial customers, involved in the industrial development of bio-based chemistry in France and Europe.
  emh The European Membrane House is a non-profit international association established in 2009 by universities and research institutes in ten European countries working together on membrane technologies.
  iar IAR is a leading French Bioeconomy Cluster, recognized across Europe and internationally. The IAR Cluster works on all topics related to the production and optimal use of biological resources (agriculture, forestry, marine resources or by-products and residues) for food, industrial and energy purposes.
  sfgp The Société Française de Génie des Procédés is the French organization for all professionals engaged in the field of process engineering in all sectors: chemicals, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, cosmetology, agro-food, paper, metalworking, water treatment, etc. Its aim is to promote the exchange of knowledge between members.
  Aqua-Valley promotes economic development of all various water branches in a regional approach. The Cluster services are designed to improve competitiveness of its members through innovation, competencies strengthening, development of new partnerships and international markets. 
  Aladyr is a non-profit trade association that is the benchmark in desalination, reuse, and treatment of water and effluents in Latin America.   




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