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Ion exchange

Ion exchange (IEX) is a process that eliminates some or all of the ions (cations and/or anions) from a solution, replacing them with an equivalent number of other similarly charged ions. The process relies on ion exchange resins, generally in the form of synthetic micro-beads. When the resin has reached its exchange capacity, it can be regenerated by an acidic, basic, or salt solution.

Uninterrupted Ion Exchange (UIX), a technology developed and patented by Renix (Canada), a partner of Eurodia.


Ion exchange is a critical step in many manufacturing operations, having a major impact on product quality, appearance, efficacy, or even safety.

Traditional systems all have a major disadvantage for processors: the need for frequent off-line washing and regeneration cycles.

Unlike these traditional systems, the patented UIX technology relies on concurrent and simultaneous regeneration without having to interrupt the separation process, even for a moment. UIX represents a fundamental improvement to the ion exchange technology by moving from batch-style to continuous flow regeneration. Thanks to UIX, resin exhaustion becomes a thing of the past: while individual resin beads are loaded and regenerated, the resin bed itself is never exhausted. Since the risk of resin exhaustion is virtually eliminated, so is the cyclical nature of regeneration in traditional systems.

Simple to implement, the Renix Uninterrupted Ion Exchange system is the ideal solution to optimize investment while minimizing production costs.