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Eco and energy transition industries

For more than 30 years, Eurodia works to help reduce the eco foot-print of the industry. Long enough to believe in a future based on a new industry model depending on efficient, eco-friendly processes: “ideally, an industry that takes nothing it can return to the environment”.

It is thus quite naturally that the challenges of the eco and energy transition industries are a major focus for Eurodia. Capitalizing on 30 years of R&D, Eurodia has developed eco-efficient process allowing, as an example to valorize biomass into bio-sourced products, with the minima, environmental impact. Likewise, the challenges of lithium industry, essential component for phone or car batteries become the everyday life of Eurodia team.

Using a combination of electrodialysis, membrane filtration, ion exchange, and chromatography, these eco-processes have already proven their efficacy at an industrial scale. A number of Eurodia plants have been operating for several years, in the four corners of the globe. What advantages do they have to offer?

  • Reliable, customized treatment for each plant, tailored specifically to its operations and provide an effective response to its qualitative and quantitative objectives,

  • Competitive manufacturing costs: energy efficiency is a never-ending goal for all Eurodia's eco-processes,

  • Minimal environmental impact.