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Key figures

Since 1988, Eurodia Industrie has operated internationally in the agro-food market (dairy & cheese, sugar and wine) and in chemicals. By constantly raising our standards through substantial investments in R&D, we have expanded across five continents, so successfully that 80% of our revenue is now from outside France.

After a 60% increase in revenue from 2012 to 2015, Eurodia now expects to reach the 50 million revenues within three years. Biotechnologies and green chemicals will be vital for Eurodia in the near future, with processes including the purification of organic acids as the basis for the production of bio-based chemicals and plastics, as well as bio-fuels, and the extraction of organic molecules for the agro-food and pharmaceutical industries.

Our growth has been matched by an increase in our workforce and the introduction of new, specialized partnerships, located at the heart of our key markets. Thanks to this broad technical and commercial coverage, we are ideally placed to provide effective responses to the quality requirements of our far-flung customers.



Key figures

€ 35 million revenues in 2016

15% of staff working in R&D

15% of the opérating budget devoted to R&D

Close to 70% of all 90% demineralized whey production use EURODIA processes

Over 7 million hectolitres of wine per year using EURODIA techniques

Over 35,000 m2 of ion exchanges membranes installed annually